Manufactoriel  is a research proposition in african and  black contemporary visual culture, art and style. Founded by Tounzi, it has been evolving for almost a decade in the digital space through tumblr, exploring internet as a way to emerge modes of communication and knowledge sharing.

Manufactoriel questions the conventional mode of monstration, through different mediums and formats in collaboration with individuals/insititutions  engaged in an innovative creative process. It is about building a space where merges different ideas that feed one another in order to elaborate a critical movement. 

Manufactoriel is interested in poietic and poetic as it is a process and an experience,  a passage from non-beingness into beingness. It is a junction space between the tangible and the intangible. Between URL and IRL territories. 

Cahiers Manufactoriel is an independent space for publication that questions the relations between archive, visual culture and paper publishing. Each publication raises the question of new paradigm by its plasticity and its content.